Why buy an umbrella when the sun is shining?


Eurocontrol and ANS Finland organised a five-day training on preparing for various threats. In addition to our own professionals, the training was attended by aviation experts from operators such as Trafi.

The training focused on cybersecurity questions from the perspective of air navigation. The areas of aviation targeted by threats can roughly be divided into three categories: airspace, airplanes and airport operations. However, the main emphasis of the training was in the functions of systems related to air traffic management (ATM).

Threatening scenarios from various subsections are easy to identify. They are usually targeted at systems and services.

Cybersecurity is part of everyday operations, and a permanent consideration

The purpose of the training was to learn to identify the potential technological weaknesses of our organisation and to understand how the realisation of threats created by new technology could be prevented in the future.

 “Investing in safety is always somewhat costly, but whether it requires money or human resources, we can’t afford to ignore it. Maintaining awareness of data security is vitally important to be able to prepare for various threats and DoS attacks that will inevitably be thrown at our systems as well,” says Senior Vice President (CTO) Jukka Piilola from ANS Finland.

Eurocontrol’s cybersecurity training was organised in Finland this time. The training was so popular that the number of participants had to be limited. However, we will aim to hold similar training sessions in the future.

Materials on security matters recommended by the trainers:

- Eurocontrol guidance for ATM security: https://www.eurocontrol.int/tags/atm-security

- Schneier on Security: https://www.schneier.com/

P.S. To answer the question posed in the header, we recommend keeping an umbrella with you at all times to prevent you from getting wet on the occasional rainy day.