A tripartite agreement on the air and sea rescue services is signed


A collaboration agreement between the parties engaged in the provision of sea and air rescue services—the Finnish Border Guard, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi and ANS Finland—was signed in Vantaa on Thursday, 23 November.

The air rescue services refer to any measures taken to assist and locate an aircraft that is in distress, lost, facing an imminent threat or has had an accident, including any other measures to launch a rescue operation to rescue the people on board the aircraft.

Mika Runsten, who is responsible for air rescue services in Finland, represented ANS Finland at the agreement negotiations.

“We have long and well established traditions in collaboration. Updating the agreement with all the parties was a flexible process that was carried out in an amicable atmosphere,” says Runsten.

The agreement seeks to enhance collaboration between the air and sea search and rescue services and to clarify the responsibilities between the various actors. The activities seek to ensure seamless collaboration between the search and rescue services at sea and on land within Finland’s Flight Information Region, including the sharing of information in a manner that is as expedient as possible.

ANS Finland is tasked with the general responsibility for leading search and rescue services in aviation until the aircraft that has had an accident is located and the responsibility for leading has been transferred to the rescue authority. Operational search and rescue services are led and coordinated by Finland’s Air Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) in Finland’s Search and Rescue Region.

ANS Finland and the Finnish Border Guard also signed a separate agreement

“At the same time, ANS Finland and the Finnish Border Guard signed a separate agreement on the provision of stand-alone services,” comments Pasi Nikama, Senior Vice President CMO & CCO.
The services that ANS Finland provides for the Finnish Border Guard comprise air navigation services in accordance with ANS Finland’s general terms of service, as well as stand-alone services based on individual instances of service provision.