Student controllers from Bosnia-Herzegovina in ACC Finland


ANS Finland is participating in an International training project, which aims to train the next generation air traffic controllers for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project involves 6 European partners (BHANSA, ANS CR, ANS Finland, SMATSA, Croatia Control, Slovenia Control) and includes training for up to 69 ATCOs by April 2020.

Since beginning of March, 8 ATCO students from Bosnia-Herzegovina have been working as student controllers in ACC together with Finnish ATCO instructors.

All the students have first studied and passed their basic training in CANI (Czech Air Navigation Institute) last autumn.

The unit training started in Finland with simulations in the beginning of the year and the students are now in the “on-the job” training phase. The aim with the training is for the students to pass the unit training in ACC to be able to start their own unit training in their home country.