Renewal of ais.fi website receives good feedback



The ais.fi service was renewed last year. Following the website’s update, we wanted to find out how successful we had been in its development and hear about aspects where there was still room for improvement.

The link to the relevant survey was sent to subscribers of our newsletter via email and through social media. The survey was available in both Finnish and English.

The feedback we received was good and very encouraging.

“Our focus in the project was to improve usability and make information easy to find. For the most part, respondents did find the information they were looking for easily. The feedback we received tells us that we’ve been doing the right things and that we’ve been fairly successful in renewing the website,” says Elsi Koho, Quality Manager and GIS Specialist at ANS Finland.

The survey produced a good deal of useful information about customers and their needs. The most visited sections were AIP and Supplements. Particularly in the English version of the service, they accounted for 85 per cent of all content use.

Finland’s valid Aeronautical Information Publication was extremely easy to find and those respondents who had used the service via a mobile device also considered it functional.

Up to 95 per cent of Finnish respondents had been able to find the information they had searched for at ais.fi easily, and all but one of those who responded to the survey in English had found the information they needed. Based on the open feedback, any shortcomings related to the AUP chart and NOTAMs.

The English responses hoped for monthly NOTAM summaries and the publication of complete AMDT packages on WEF dates. This feedback spurred us into action and, as of 26 April 2018, we’ve also published a combination of renewed pages, found below the cover page on the AMDT page under AIP.

Finally, users were asked to rate the service. On a scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent), the overall grade given for the Finnish service was 2.97. The English service was given an overall grade of 3.11.

The survey received 91 responses in Finnish and 9 responses in English.

“All in all, we can consider the survey a success. The responses we received provided us with information on precisely the aspects we thought of as potential targets for development. Many thanks again to all those who gave us open feedback. We’ve read all the improvement suggestions carefully and we will take them into account when developing the service further,” says Koho.