Operations of ANS Finland to be discontinued in Aitovuori, Tampere in June


The cooperation negotiations regarding area control services in air traffic, including supportive services, were completed on 5 February. Based on the negotiations, ANS Finland will discontinue its operations in Aitovuori, Tampere, on 1 June 2018. As of said date, area control services will only be provided at Helsinki Airport.

The cooperation negotiations covered 37 ANS Finland employees working at the Aitovuori centre in Tampere. The employer has offered positions in Vantaa to air traffic controllers, air traffic control operators and those working in planning-related duties. As of 1 June, the technical personnel will transfer to the ANS Finland facilities located at Tampere-Pirkkala airport.

The cooperation negotiations are a continuation of similar negotiations carried out in 2013 that sought to ensure continued improvement of the profitability of air navigation services. The objective of the measure is to ensure that ANS Finland will be able to lower the unit costs of flight route services in accordance with EU requirements.