Executive Director of EASA Patrick Ky visited the tower at Helsinki Airport


Assistant Manager of Air Traffic Control Tomi Lepola today introduced the Helsinki air traffic control unit, the systems and devices in use in the tower and the principles guiding the use of the runways to Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Mr Ky was accompanied by Head of Department Jari Pöntinen of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

Mr Ky was particularly interested in matters related to runway safety. Among other things, he wanted to hear how the runway deviations in January occurred, where and how the de-icing of aircraft is carried out and how environmental aspects impact air traffic control work.

Mr Ky also took note of the fact that all of the air traffic controllers in the air traffic control tower at Helsinki Airport carried out their jobs standing rather than sitting at their desks. He understood the reason for this after hearing about the health benefits and how an upright position gives controllers good visibility in all necessary directions. 

Patrick Ky has been the Executive Director of EASA since 1 September 2013. Before that, he was in charge of the SESAR programme and worked in several positions at the aviation authority in France and for Eurocontrol.