ANS Finland’s telephone numbers change


Starting from March 9th 2018, our switchboard number is +358 20 4284 000. 
Communications is happy to serve you at +358 20 4284 010.

This change also affects Obstacles services +358 20 4284 090, as well as internal ATC and CNS services.

Personal business phone numbers beginning with digits +358 20 will remain the same until the next phase, which will take place in May (estimated).

Phone costs: from landline phone 8.35 cents/call+16.69 cents/min, from mobile phone 8.35 cents+16.69 cents/min.

Other contact details

Street address: Lentäjäntie 1 B, 01530 Vantaa.
Postal address: P.O.Box 157, 01531 Vantaa

personal email addresses: firstname.lastname@ansfinland.fi   
info@ansfinland.fi - communications and enquiries
ans@ansfinland.fi - official enquiries