ANS Finland digitalisation project to provide data for aviation operators


Advances in technological development and new requirements in the working life pose challenges to the aviation industry. ANS Finland aims to respond to these challenges of a world undergoing change with a digitalisation project carried out in cooperation with Business Finland. 

ANS Finland will commence the development of a platform solution enabling digital business operations, upon which it is possible to provide various electronic services tailored to different user needs, including map services, airspace usage data and real-time weather information. It is envisioned that this platform will also function as a shared user interface e.g. for managing and paying for various electronic permits and registration services.

“The digitalisation of various functions also challenges our organisation to question our current ways of operating and to come up with new, more flexible and cost-efficient approaches. In this way, we are better able to respond to the future demand in our industry, including the increasing requirements concerning businesses using drones,” Says ANS Finland’s SVP of Development, Accounts and Marketing Pasi Nikama.

As a national air navigation service provider, ANS Finland plays a key role in enabling drone trials. The successful implementation of drone pilot projects requires close cooperation with different operators, so that the needs of hobbyists and the authorities as well as the various safety aspects are taken into account.

The creation of new business models and applications is enabled by offering the data produced by ANS Finland to third parties. This data will be produced for various purposes in a number of stages by taking advantage of real-time data collection and the automatisation of data transfer between different systems.

System integration will be implemented using by application programming interface (API). In addition to offering data, ANS Finland fulfils its role in ensuring aviation safety by offering digital aviation service providers the functions they need as services via a shared interface and through the fair and equal treatment of all industry operators.

ANS Finland will implement this project in cooperation with Business Finland, applying the principle of innovation partnership. Innovation partnership seeks new, flexible and functionally competent solutions with various operators. Therefore, the digitalisation project is not a software acquisition project in the traditional sense, but rather an operational model comprising various solutions.

“This is an excellent opportunity for ANS Finland to benefit from the financial and specialist expertise at Business Finland, as we carry out a complete overhaul of our operations to take better advantage of digitalisation. We do already have all the data we require, but it is fragmented across various different systems. With the digitalisation project, we will collect the data and make it more easily available while opening up new interfaces for third parties and giving them the opportunity to expansively use our data, e.g. for establishing new business models,” says ANS Finland’s CEO Raine Luojus.