ANS Finland agrees on exchange of aviation safety information with the Finnish Aeronautical Association



The Finnish Aeronautical Association and ANS Finland have entered into an agreement on exchanging aviation safety information. The objective of the cooperation is to support safety work, promote the development of aviation safety and improve the services in the industry.


The exchange of information is carried out between the organisations’ safety units. The cooperation provides both organisations with vital information on observations from amateur aviation, anomalies and, for example, analytical operations of various organisations.

“Our cooperation will benefit all operators in general aviation and the aviation industry as we will be more able to identify various phenomena in the background of aviation. Another objective is to support open exchange of safety information between organisations and to improve fair, blame-free reporting culture in all aviation sectors,” says Raine Luojus, CEO of ANS Finland.

The exchange of information will be confidential and implemented anonymously. The shared information will not enable the identification of individuals or aircraft.

“The Finnish Aeronautical Association wants to continuously improve the safety of aviation, and the new exchange of information will contribute to this work. The information shared between the organisations will only be used for work aiming to improve safety in aviation. It will be impossible to identify individual operators, businesses, people or aircraft from the information,” says Timo Latikka, Executive Director of the Finnish Aeronautical Association.

The cooperation agreement was signed in Vantaa on 7 September 2017.